Sleep Holding Aid : Massager and Relaxation - [emporium digital]
Sleep Holding Aid : Massager and Relaxation - [emporium digital]
Sleep Holding Aid : Massager and Relaxation - [emporium digital]
Sleep Holding Aid : Massager and Relaxation - [emporium digital]

Sleep Holding Aid : Massager and Relaxation

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Sleep Holding Aid


✔️ The product Sleep Holding Aid adopts a simple oval design with a new matte texture, which conforms to the design of people's hand grip, simple and comfortable.

✔️ Round button design, one button to turn on, adjust the power supply. Fall asleep easily every day

✔️ USB is convenient for charging, it can be connected to the computer's USB port, mobile power, power supply and other charging methods, and the battery life is long.

✔️ Using this product can stimulate the neurotransmitter of the cerebral cortex through micro-current to regulate emotions, thereby promoting sleep.

✔️ Using this product, the hand is properly stimulated, so that the feeling of anxiety can be calmed by the same frequency of the hand and brain.

 ✔️ Small and convenient, you can carry it with you.

✔️ Suitable for people with insomnia, overthinking, etc.

Massager and Relaxation

 How to use: (You can also use the product image display method)

1. Put the front of the product completely on the palm of your hand.

2. Turning the top button away from OFF is the low-frequency decompression mode, which is recommended for left-handed use.

3. Pressing M again is the high-frequency encouragement mode, which is recommended for the right hand.

4. Power to the right increases, power to the left decreases

5. Turn the top button to OFF to shut down.

Package Included:
1* Sleep Aid Device
1*USB data cable
1*English manual

NOTE Precaution:

*Since the product has not been specifically tested and observed for side effects in the following population, it is not clear whether it is harmful to the population. Based on the safety of patients, we do not recommend the following people to use this product:

1. Patients who use implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers, insulin pumps) should use them with caution;

2. It is forbidden to use it with high-frequency equipment, short-wave or microwave treatment equipment;

3. It is forbidden to use therapy electrodes near the chest, or use therapy electrodes when operating complicated and dangerous equipment or driving;

4. It is prohibited to use in patients with epilepsy;

5. Patients with recent haemorrhagic stroke should use it with caution.

*For safety reasons, we recommend NOT to use sleep devices in the following situations:

1. When driving;

2. When operating complex and dangerous mechanical instruments.

3. Avoid long time. Strong current will stimulate the same position;

4. If you find that your skin is burned, you can rest for a few minutes later, and then move the electrode slightly to continue the treatment.

5. If the electrode is found to be severely burned to the skin, you should stop using it in time and use it after expert treatment.